At Ecological Estates, quality doesn't mean high cost. Our lean business model eliminates the overheads of traditional design and construction models.

Quality doesn't cost a fortune

Our creative and highly skilled team ensure a thorough understanding of your needs and take into account the importance of your budget requirements.

Zero Energy Healthy Air

Every DOE Zero Energy home begins with solid building science specified by ENERGY STAR for homes, and then adds advanced technologies and practices from DOE's world class research program, Building America. Both our construction and design teams work in partnership exploring cost effecting methods and products with a builders input to achieve the best possible results - Healthful Environment, Comfort Plus, Advanced Technology, Ultra Efficient, Quality Built and Durability for our clients while providing more for their budget. Ecological Estates have shown industry leadership in delivering high levels of quality, and leads the way in delivering a positive customer experience.

Eco Estates International is global, diversified and sustainable. When you choose us as your contractor, you are choosing a company that is able to weather fluctuations in our industries, ultimately ensuring our ability to provide long term service and solid warranties for our customers.

In a global market only companies capable of being present in any country make a difference.

Our services include
  •   Consulting
  •   Solar System Assessment & Analysis
  •   Geospatial Analysis
  •   Design and Build
  •   Passive Solar Design Homes
  •   Net-Zero Energy New Homes
  •   Net-Zero Energy Luxury Homes
  •   Net-Zero Commercial Building
  •   Pre-Fab Net-Zero Energy Homes
  •   Knock down rebuild
  •   Home "Green" Renovations
  •   Xeriscape
  •   Edible Plants Landscaping
  •   AdvanTech Subflooring @ Sheating
  •   ZIP System Roof & Wall Sheating & Tape
  •   Windows Replacement
  •   Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation
  •   Close Cell Spray Foam Insulation
  •   Radiant Barrier
  •   Solar Energy System
  •   Electric Vehicle Charger (EV)
  •   Tankless Electric Hot Water System
  •   Wind Energy System
  •   HVAC Heat Pump Replacement
  •   Geothermal Heat Pump System
  •   Rainwater Collection System
  •   Terra Pave Eco-Green Products
  •   Solar Attic Fan