Ecological Estates invests in keeping abreast of the latest green industry trends to inspire the creation of stylish and functional living spaces designed for your net-zero eco-friendly needs.


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Ever since its inception, Ecological Estates has had the pleasure of complete all sorts of home improvement projects. Yes, this includes extensions of all sorts, solar system, residential wind turbine, rain water collection system, solar hot water system, designs and styles!

A majority of people out there believe that extending an existing house tends to be a whole lot more expensive than actually getting a new one. Even though this might be true in certain cases, at times, it is just better for you to renovate or extend your property and that is just what we at Ecological Estates are going to help you out with! The best part about our services is that we do not need for you, the owner of the property to move out and vacate your house so that we can work on its extensions! Our team of extension builders is highly experienced in working on all sorts of extension designer projects with our clients residing in the home all through the building process. Also, there is nothing for you to worry about in terms of your privacy and security as these are the most prioritized factors for us.

If you wish to choose the building materials on your own, our team of highly experienced and professional extension builders is going to allow you to do just that! From ceramic tiles, to bathroom fittings, to tiles and kitchen cooking appliances – we allow you to choose it all on your own! To us, it is your house and you get to choose everything associated with it!