Eco Estates (EEI) & Eco Energy and Technolgies (ECE TECH) offers a complete range of solar power systems to suit every household, business and utility. Our packages are designed to exceed the highest standards in the EPC solar industry.

"It's really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof." Bill Gates


global solar EPC


EEI & ECE TECH Solar Teams have over 17 years experience providing cost-effective power solutions to help businesses achieve their financial objectives, whilst making the investment to renewable energy a profitable, easy and enjoyable experience. We offer packaged pre-engineered systems (with full manufacturers warranties) or alternatively we can design a system particular to your requirements.

Installing renewable energy generating capacity to offset your electricity consumption, is a smart business decision in terms of insulating your business from escalating electricity costs and demonstrates your business's commitment to contributing to America's Renewable Energy Target, reverse Global Warming and dependency on fossil fuels.

When city rebate, state rebate and federal incentive, feed-in tariffs, renewable energy federal tax depreciation, reduced electricity consumption and a reduced carbon footprint for your business are considered together, the business case for installing a renewable energy system is compelling.

Eco Estates International is global, diversified and sustainable. When you choose us as your contractor, you are choosing a company that is able to weather fluctuations in our industries, ultimately ensuring our ability to provide long term service and solid warranties for our customers.

In a global market only companies capable of being present in any country make a difference.

Nowadays, thanks to our experience, innovation, constant dedication to customers and with a worldwide presence, we are one of the international benchmarks in our sector, collaborating with the main firms in the photovoltaic market.