Creative designs and solid building, cost effective solutions with modern DoE Zero Energy green eco-friendly building methods and products delivering excellence no matter the budget.

Timeless creative thinking spoiling you with choice

Ecological Estates offers a team of vibrant and dedicated designers who have a positive and fresh approach to design. Our design ethos is simple. We believe that successful spaces capture the spirit of their surroundings. All of Ecological Estates’ design solutions are created, with this in mind and we are known for delivering innovative designs for all of our projects.

By creating flexible, intuitive and functional environments, our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but are executed with sound structural integrity, durability, healthful environment, comfort plus, advanced technology, ultra efficient, quality built and value solutions, with a builder’s mindset.

Sustainable creative design with a greater understanding of what will best suit you and by asking the right questions and more importantly listening to your answers sets the platform for a strategic building and tailored unique home environment that will exceed your expectations.


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