Ecological Estates operates a full service design project management and construction company who create innovative home solutions tailored to your green lifestyle

A meticulous approach that over delivers the final result


At Ecological Estates, we don't focus on trying to satisfy our clients, we know our clients expect to be satisfied right from the beginning. At Ecological Estates we're all about delivering more! Where others strive to meet the mark, we're consistently exceeding it. Our market leading approach allows us to listen more, look deeper, raise the bar and do so with minimum fuss.

Eco Estates International is global, diversified and sustainable. When you choose us as your contractor, you are choosing a company that is able to weather fluctuations in our industries, ultimately ensuring our ability to provide long term service and solid warranties for our customers. "Peace-of-Mind Warranties"

In a global market only companies capable of being present in any country make a difference.

Nowadays, thanks to our experience, innovation, constant dedication to customers and with a worldwide presence, we are one of the international benchmarks in our sector, collaborating with the main firms in the construction and renewable energy market.

10 More Reasons to Engage Ecological Estates:
Who's the boss

Who is most important? Every Ecological Estates custom home is custom designed and built to perfectly complement your lifestyle, your needs, your site and your environment. We take the time to carefully assess your site, ask questions and listen carefully to ensure we understand how you would like to live in your home. It's your home after all and we believe it should fit you like the clothes you wear.

Our directors roll up their sleeves

From the initial brief you are met by the management team; offering a directors attention with a builders input. Throughout the construction process, we strive to educate and inform to ensure you have the knowledge to achieve the maximum long-term benefits from your new home.

Smart management

We provide you with professional, honest advice right from the start. This is the key to a successful journey. With the Directors leadership and thorough team collaboration with each playing a key role in their specialized field, our consultative practises ensure transparency and effective value solutions.  We identify cost saving opportunities and address them without risk or compromise to quality.

A fresh design approach

After collaborating with you in understanding your requirements and exploring cost effective methods and products, we create a flexible design that is intuitive in function and has a creative, aesthetically pleasing finish.

 True "Green" Home Experts

Many people confuse sustainable building with a home that offers solar panels, wind turbine and water tanks etc. True 'green' design however combines form, function and practicality (in addition to 'add-ons' like solar panels, wind turbine and water tanks) to deliver ongoing sustainability. Passive design features optimise natural light, warmth, cooling and airflow, substantially reducing the need for artificial lighting, heating and cooling.

Competitive Edge

Ecological Estates is committed to ongoing product and design principle research and development. This enables us to stay at the forefront of green technology and construction, allowing you to reap the many benefits this delivers.

Start to end detail

We believe that the final result is only as good as sum of its parts; at Ecological Estates, the little things do matter. Our premium finish is achieved by observing staged quality assessment procedures during the build, ensuring finesse every step of the way.  Fine details show in the final result.

Always exceeding

Our meticulous approach to fine detail and our passion defines how we work. We over-deliver the final result, exceeding the common for all our clients. We love what we do!.

From handover and beyond

Our scheduled maintenance program for all your building repairs and maintenance is provided at handover to ensure any issues are addressed efficiently and professionally. This allows your home to function at its best without any inconvenience.

 Quality doesn’t cost a fortune

Whatever the brief, no matter the budget we deliver cost effective solutions. We explore all options to deliver you a tailored unique result within your budget capability whilst maintaining its design integrity.  We won’t build you what you can afford we will deliver what you are going to love.