Ecological Estates invests in keeping abreast of the latest green industry trends to inspire the creation of stylish and functional living spaces designed for your net-zero eco-friendly needs.

Exceptional results through seamless project delivery

Accreditations AND PARTNERs

Ecological Estates has multiple accreditations and memberships with key industry bodies. Our membership with the Net-Zero Energy Homes Society, U.S Department of Energy Zero Energy Home Builder Partner provide us with the skills and our clients with benefits of a detailed understanding of the Green Star Environmental Rating System and the Green Star-Office Design rating tools.

Our PARTNERS, and Memberships are:

Net-Zero Energy Homes Society Organization

US Department of Energy Zero Energy Home Builder Partner

Professional NABCEP PV Instalaller Certification - Robert Delgado PV-102216-015016

Keller Williams Realty

NABCEP KellerWilliiams

Our Global Subsidiaries and Partners are:

Next Level Group Utah, TX USA, Penang Malaysia

EEI Technology & Energy LTD Austin TX USA, MXC Mexico, Rome Italia, HCMC/Danang Vietnam

Indefol Join Stocks Company HCMC Vietnam

TM Logictics Global Logistics Company Laredo TX USA, MXC Mexico

NLGI EEI T&E Company Indefol TM Logistics


Our designers create fluid space solutions that are not only original and distinctive, they are also reflective of your needs. From the sophisticated cues of classical design to the understated tones of minimalism, our versatile designs are created to suit a diverse range of styles at all levels of investment.


Our construction team works cohesively to ensure no details are ever overlooked and that what we build has all elements full in its form and correctly communicated. Our tentative service and proactive approach delivers true integration effectively across each project. Our superior craftsmanship transforms each design into sound finished forms and with structural integrity.

Our team has delivered a number of high quality projects and have shown industry leadership in delivering high quality, on time and on budget. We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure we deliver the optimal space for their business.


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  • IT IT Guidelines

  • IT Background Check Form

Wikipedia says, "Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. The terms information security, computer security and information assurance are frequently used interchangeably. These fields are interrelated and share the common goals of protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information; however, there are some subtle differences between them. These differences lie primarily in the approach to the subject, the methodologies used, and the areas of concentration. Information security is concerned with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data regardless of the form the data may take: electronic, print, or other forms."

How We Can Help

We'll work with you to identify your ideal lifestyle requirements, and assess the creation of this vision in your potential project.

We'll provide sketch plans and 3D perspective drawings, all supported by a comprehensive investment breakdown to help you assess the feasibility of the location. We believe that having an upfront understanding of the space dynamics and cost of build is crucial to making the right decision.

Our team has delivered a number of high quality projects and have shown industry leadership in delivering high quality, on time and on budget. We work in close partnership with you to ensure we deliver the optimal space for your home and family lifestyle.

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